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SQAIRZ Golf Shoe Performance

How You Generate More Distance With SQAIRZ

“There are two connections in golf; your hands to the club and your feet to the ground. Your connection to the ground (golf shoes) facilitates hip rotation, swing speed, balance/stability, and accuracy. SQAIRZ’s unique design broke the mold of traditional shoes to provide better balance/stability and ground reaction force, resulting in increased swing speed and more consistent accuracy. This is all documented below with proven science and independent testing.”
Robert Winskowicz, SQAIRZ Founder


Who Wears SQAIRZ?


Where Does Distance Really Come From?

Philip Stotter, CEP

Director of Sports Science at V1 Sports & Ground Force Expert

Philip Stotter, veteran clinical exercise physiologist turned inventor/business developer, is the Visionary and Founder behind Stotter Technologies, Moflex, AA360, and others. As a practitioner, researcher, & educator Philip has over 25 years of experience in performance, corrective & preventative sports and healthcare settings. He is currently one of the top human biomechanics and ground force experts in the world. Philip focuses his work on ground mechanics and how to use technology to augment the test/treat or test/train intervention processHis most recent venture is as Director of Sports Science for V1 Sports, the leader in video analysis and ground pressure software to capture, review & analyze athletic movement.

The Truth:

Unlock the truth behind the golf swing by starting with your feet first.

For maximum power creation in the golf swing, with minimal negative stress on the body, the ground must be the first link in the kinetic chain of energy transfer. Newton’s third law of motion tells us that using our feet and legs to drive forcefully into the ground results in the ground pushing back up into the golfer’s body with an equal magnitude of force. The force the ground transfers into the golfer is known as the ground reaction force (GRF). GRF is then transferred up the kinetic chain, first through the feet then the legs and into the pelvis, then up into the golfer’s core, shoulder complex, arms, and, finally, the golf club and ball. Transferring this energy up the kinetic chain from the ground to the ball with the most efficiency is what allows you to create the most power (club head speed) your body will allow. The feet or what you wear on your feet determines how efficient this relationship with the ground can be utilized.

When we talk about biomechanics of the golf swing, I like to start with the phrase, where does it all begin. A great golf swing always starts with the body and its contact with the ground. The feet are the only two objects on the human body that should touch the ground in the golf swing. If there are physical limitations in this area (such as balance or biomechanical restrictions), mechanics will be compromised, ultimately ending in poor performance or even worse, injury. The foot is extremely important to the overall function of the human body. Since it is the only structure that interacts with the ground while in an upright position.

The foot is directly responsible for the distribution of weight and pressure throughout the body when the force of kinetic energy, gravity, and the ground collide. Therefore, it is imperative that the foot is fully functional and doing its job correctly to ensure postural control, or what is commonly known as balance, so that the force of gravity is properly dissipated as well as recruited throughout the rest of the body during a dynamic motion like the golf swing. The complex motion of a golf swing requires that the body perform a series of tasks in sequence from the feet all the way to the cervical spine, in order to propel that little white ball towards the target with the correct amount of distance and spin. Multiple clinical studies demonstrate that professional golfers possess superior balance when compared with amateurs, even highly skilled amateurs. Studies like these prove that postural control (balance) is vital to swing mechanics, club speed, and distance. So it would be accurate to say, maintaining your balance is often the difference between consistency, club velocity, distance or lack of it. If you are able to maintain good balance, you will have a better chance of being able to make an efficient swing where you can transfer energy more efficiently throughout your body’s different segments. That will help you to generate more speed and more distance. The bottom line is that without good balance, golfers are relying on compensations from coordination and a little bit of luck. So the question is, do you feel lucky or are you going to do something to improve your odds?


Where does distance really come from?

It all starts with the three things working with and against each other. The golfer (small mass) gravity (large force) and the earth (large mass). Our ability to control these two things acting on us, or with us starts with our genetics, learned behavior, and perceived ability to control ourselves whether static (standing still) or dynamic (swinging a club). The three main systems at play are the neurological, sensory, and musculoskeletal systems. However, during a golf swing only one area is the link for the relationship between our bodies, gravity, and the earth. Our Feet!

A poor relationship here results in poor ability to control ourselves against gravity and the earth. A leading cause to chronic injury and poor long-term performance. This leads all individuals regardless of ability to compensate to create a desired movement. For pro golfers and any professional athletes, they possess an extremely fast rate of reactive and adaptive abilities to work above and around compensation patterns. That’s what creates the gap in skill level from the weekend gofer to the pros. Since you don’t have the time to train like a pro athlete the only way to bridge the gap in performance is to improve your relationship with the ground at your foot level. Yes, footwear.

The proper footwear can create an enormous advantage if designed correctly. Proper footing or footwear can instantly improve postural control (balance), neuromuscular ability (strength and range of motion), as well as decrease the focus on physical movement so that you can focus on mental preparedness. Remember everything you wear when golfing becomes a part of you and your performance. Take control and bridge the gap for your game. So back to our first question, where does distance come from, you, and it starts with your feet.


Independent Testing

Don’t believe us? Independent testing proves it.

SQAIRZ has been independently scientifically tested by numerous organizations, including BodiTrak, one of the top golf pressure mapping manufacturers. In their testing, BodiTrak tested the performance of over 200 golfers of all experience levels for months before and after wearing SQAIRZ golf shoes. Their testing found that SQAIRZ has the most surface area connection with the ground of any golf shoe on the market, and this increased surface area resulted in a greater ground-force connection and balance in all golfers tested. Read below for BodiTrak’s co-founder, Terry Hashimoto, to explain the methodology and results of their testing.

Terry Hashimoto
Co-Founder of BodiTrak, industry leader in pressure mapping

With over 7,500 PGA professionals & tour coaches worldwide using BodiTrak, no one has directly and or indirectly helped more teachers help their students improve their games rapidly and gain distance using pressure mapping technology knowledge developed on PGA Tours worldwide than Terry Hashimoto.

Shoe fitting using BodiTrak for testing has been Terry’s passion since co-developing the world’s first portable pressure mapping system. Throughout his 42 years in the professional golf industry as a player, golf club designer and manufacturer, technology developer & educator of pressure mapping to professional instructors, he has observed with amazement how the majority of golfers try to buy distance with their hardware when in reality distance comes from the ground up.

Research and testing was conducted on SQAIRZ golf shoes at the BodiTrak Research Lab located at the Mount Academy in Charlottetown PEI, Canada. In addition to golf, the BodiTrak Research Lab also tests for gait analysis, high-performance and everyday walking, balance assessments for fall prevention, performance testing for other sports & product development.


Test Results – SQAIRZ Outperforms Top Competitor’s Golf Shoes

Distance and performance gains were seen uniformly in all golfers ranging from amateur to professional.

The chart below represents a summary of the yardage gained, increase in ball speed, percentage of improvement in the smash factor, increase in range of motion in the shoulders and hips, increase in percentages of the vertical forces (both lead side and total), and increase in lateral speed.

Here are the key metrics based upon the average results:

Metric Measured Average Gain With SQAIRZ
Carry +8 yard gain
Ball Speed +13 mph gain
Smash Factor +7% increase
ROM Shoulders +10 degree increase
ROM Hips +11 degree increase
Max Vertical Lead +17% increase
Max Vertical Total +18% increase
PV Lateral Speed CMS +25 cms gained
Metric Measured Average Gain With SQAIRZ
Carry +8 yard gain
Ball Speed +13 mph gain
Smash Factor +7% increase
ROM Shoulders +10 degree increase
ROM Hips +11 degree increase
Max Vertical Lead +17% increase
Max Vertical Total +18% increase
PV Lateral Speed CMS +25 cms gained

Key Observations:

1. Significantly less inversion and supination to the trail side, as measured by BodiTrak Pro Research Software in PSI load per cell. When the pressure gets to the outside of the lateral longitudinal arch, supination occurs on the trail side and slows down the pressure getting to the lead side, thus reducing distance. SQAIRZ shoes reduced or eliminated supination and inversion, effectively allowing the golfer to shift pressure to the lead side and reduce pressure flaws in a consistent manner.

2.SQAIRZ shoes had the highest contact surface area between the distal transverse arch (ball of the foot) and the proximal transverse arch (where the foot connects to the ankle) of any of the comparative shoes tested. Why does this matter? It is a well-established fact that great golf is played between the balls and heel area of the foot. SQAIRZ shoes put pressure in the golfers foot correctly where it should be to optimize performance and distance. The toes are the brakes, the heels the accelerators, and the ankles are the shock absorbers and propulsion system. This is a key principal confirmed by testing PGA tour players and top golfers all around the world using BodiTrak.

3. Pressure transition is defined as, “the point in time during the golfer’s swing when the center of pressure (cop) changes from the trail side to the lead side”. It was observed with SQAIRZ shoes that the COP was consistently more towards the proximal transverse arch (heel) than any of the other comparative shoes. This caused the pressure transition to occur earlier in the backswing and facilitated a greater range of motion in the knees, shoulders, and hips, which resulted in greater distance gains.

“Try putting all your pressure on your trail toe and taking the club back, you will note a more restricted backswing and less range of motion…Now put all your pressure towards the trail heel and take it back, much greater range of motion in the knees, hips, and shoulders.”

4. Much higher vertical forces (in total and on the lead side) were observed in golfers wearing SQAIRZ shoes. It is a well-established fact in pressure mapping that quickly shifting pressure to the lead side and having higher vertical forces on the lead side prior to impact is the #1 way to gain distance. With the SQAIRZ shoes I observed how much more effective the ankle was at optimizing the vertical propulsion system, thus creating more vertical power just prior to impact.

5. Gait analysis testing was conducted using the BodiTrak Treadmill Pressure Mapping Systems on golfers wearing SQAIRZ shoes. Subjects were instructed to walk on flat, inclined and uneven surfaces while the foot was perturbed with medical tools. This testing demonstrated that SQAIRZ have less total sway than other golf shoes, a key indicator of total energy burn.

6. Major benefits were seen in stability in both the trail and lead side, reducing or eliminating supination and inversion in the trail side during the backswing and superb braking power on the lead side, reducing total sway in the COP trace, all attributing to distance gains generated.


After testing SQAIRZ shoes and competitors’ shoes I have reached the following conclusions:

  • SQAIRZ allowed pressure to get to the trail heel portion of the foot faster during the backswing, generating more acceleration to the lead side quicker and creating a much greater “brake effect”, generating more vertical power on the lead side prior to impact with impressive distance gains.
  • SQAIRZ’s greater balance and stability translated to less sway and better accuracy and energy transfer.
  • SQAIRZ resulted in a significant increase in hip and shoulder rotation.
  • SQAIRZ eliminated inefficiencies witnessed in sneaker like golf shoes.

Hardware Used:

  1. BodiTrak Pressure Mat: BodiTrak measures center of pressure; the average of all the forces created by gravity as you move or stand, measured in the X, Y, Z axes, side to side, heel to toe, and up and down.
  2. Ernest Sports and FlightScope Launch Monitors: Launch monitors were used to validate distance claims, ball and club head speed, and smash factor. 
  3. Hack Motion: Inertial measuring units to measure hand path and position.
  4. Tuff Tread BodiTrak 3D Pressure Mapping Treadmill: Used to review gait analysis and total sway measured while walking in various degrees of incline ranging from 0 to 40 degrees and slow to fast walking speeds from 1 to 3 MPH.

Software Used:

  1. BodiTrak Professional: Used to measure contact surface area in total and specific regions of the shoes tested, in addition to measuring PSI of load cell, both in static and dynamic positions of the golfer, be it at address and/or during the swing.
  2. BodiTrak Golf App: Used to measure center of pressure trace, velocity of lateral motion, both laterally and heel to toe, vertical forces trail and lead side, and total at all times during a golfers swing. Also includes video for positional referencing of the vertical forces in “established golf terms”, be it P1, P2, P3, etc.
  3. Swinguru 3D: Using the new Intel Real Sense N455 Depth Capturing Cameras for range of motion in knees, hips and shoulders at key positions of a golfers swing. In addition to measuring Center of Mass (COM), how SQAIRZ and comparative shoes affected a golfers’ COM at address and dynamically during a golfers swing.
  4. Kinetisense 3D Medical: Using the new Intel Real Sense Camera for additional 3D validation.
  5. HackMotion: Software for “Hand in Space” objective data information.
  6. V1 Mobile & Studio: Used for positional & pressure comparison.


Over 200 golfers, ranging from amateur to professional, were tested during a 100 day period. Golfers were tested using 7 irons and drivers wearing both their own golf shoes and SQAIRZ golf shoes. Controls were put in place to alternate which shoes testers wore first, be it SQAIRZ or their own brand. Golfer owned shoe brands that were tested against SQAIRZ include FootJoy, Puma, Ecco, New Balance, Sketchers, Nike, and Under Armour. All testing was conducted inside and on flat level surfaces.

Key Metrics:

  1. Distance yardage
  2. Ball speed
  3. Clubhead speed
  4. Smash factor
  5. Range of motion (ROM) in knees, shoulders & hips
  6. Center of mass (COM) total sway
  7. Center of pressure (COP) at address and during the swing
  8. Lateral speed
  9. PSI per load cell
  10. Dynamic vertical forces
  11.  Peak velocity
  12.  Release factor (time from peak velocity to impact)

Download Terry Hashimoto’s Performance Study PDF

Click the button below to download the file as a PDF.



Message From SQAIRZ’s Founder

bob winskowicz

Robert Winskowicz

SQAIRZ CEO & Founder

The Shape of Innovation

Over the past four decades there have been only a handful of golf equipment manufacturers who have dared to buy into the concept of “traditional looks are secondary to performance.” Ping Zing irons and Callaway Big Bertha come to mind as these two products pioneered parameter weighting which at the time, was a significant advancement in game improvement. SQAIRZ’s unique square toe design provided the opportunity to engineer a golf shoe that significantly improves ground reaction force, balance, stability, hip rotation, and swing speed.

What’s is more important, the golf club or the golf shoes?

There are two connections in golf; your hands to the club and your feet to the ground. Your feet and a well-designed golf shoe are far more important to facilitating the key fundamentals of the golf swing than the club. Many are surprised to learn that your feet facilitate swing speed/distance, balance/accuracy, and hip rotation. Take distance for instance.

Distance is the result of swing speed. You create the swing speed by a series of forces/pressure that is sent into the ground, which travels back up through your body, down the club, and into the ball. This is called ground reaction force. A golf club or golf ball CANNOT create swing speed; they are the recipients of swing speed. The club is for all intent and purpose, a conduit that transfers energy into ball; you create the lightning (swing speed) and the club is the lightning rod that transfers the energy into the ball. To understand the concept even further, try sitting in a chair, pick your feet up, and see how far you can hit a golf ball?

Can a golf shoe actually help you increase your swing speed, improve your balance, and provide better hip rotation? Yes, and it’s proven with science and independent testing.


SQAIRZ features will improve your game

Balance and Stability (less sway)

SQAIRZ allows the toes to sit in the shoes naturally. Unlike rounded toe shoes, this fundamentally and scientifically provides better balance/stability, proper range of motion without creating stress on the ankles and kinetic chain. Rounded toe shoes angle the toes toward the center of the shoe thereby limiting range of movement. The square toe also allowed us to increase the base under the ball of the foot by approximately 4mm wider than all other golf shoes. This feature provides additional balance and stability resulting in less sway and better accuracy.

Hip and shoulder rotation

Many golfers are not aware that the feet facilitate hip and shoulder rotation. Weight distribution (center of pressure) in the address position and on the trail foot can significantly influence hip/shoulder rotation. SQAIRZ was designed with a center of pressure approximately 1.5 inches closer to the heel (measured from the center of the forefoot) and because of the wider base under the forefoot and heel, it encouraged a weight transfer to the inside heel area of the trail foot instead of the toe area.

To demonstrate the importance of the feet as it relates to facilitating hip/shoulder rotation, try this simple test. Take your address position as if you were ready to hit a golf ball (no club needed); take all your weight and shift it to the trail side big toe; now try and rotate your hip backwards. You will feel a high degree of restriction. Now, place all the weight on the inside of your trail heel and rotate your hip backwards; you should find this to be a very easy movement. As you can see, your feet and a properly designed golf shoe can help you optimize hip and shoulder rotation.

Increased swing speed resulting in more distance

So, where does distance really come from? Distance is the result of swing speed and swing speed is generated by you and a series of forces/pressure YOU create called Ground Reaction Force (GRF). GRF is created by body mass, gravity, and the ground. It is your feet/golf shoes and your connection to the ground that facilitates an energy exchange between you and the ground. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that “every action has an equal but opposite reaction”. The pressure/force (approximately 1.5 times your body weight) that you send into the ground during your downswing comes back up through your body, down the club, and into the ball. The club and ball cannot create swing speed; they are the recipient of swing speed.

SQAIRZ, with its wide base, has the most surface area coverage of the ground to effectuate a more efficient energy exchange with the ground proving to generate more swing speed. The surface area coverage also has proven to transition the vertical pressure on the trail side quicker to the lead side quicker than all other shoes tested. This is a common trait amongst golfers who hit the ball a long way.

Comfort – we took it to a whole new level

Although comfort doesn’t technically help you play better golf, it’s a benefit we all seek to enjoy the game more. We always looked at comfort as the entry price to be in the golf wear business, however we wanted to provide a comfort level not yet achieved in golf footwear.

Most people would find a sandal more comfortable than a shoe because the toes can sit naturally in the shoe providing a noticeable freedom for the toes. The same holds true with SQAIRZ. The design of the toe box allows the toes to move freely providing a very noticeable improvement in comfort.

Our EVA midsole was optimized with the right amount of cushioning. Our insole has added cushioning directly under the regionalized pressure points exerted on the bottom of the feet during the golf swing for added comfort in the areas where needed the most.


Are your golf shoes helping or hurting you?

There are several critical elements a golf shoe must have to effectuate a proper golf swing and eliminate inefficiencies. Many of today’s sneaker-like, lightweight, mesh golf shoes lack structure and are found to promote several detrimental swing movements. A golf shoe must have the following critical elements:


If you can hold a golf shoe by the heel and the toe and twist it, toss it; it’s not helping your game. These mesh, lightweight sneaker-like shoes can hurt your game as they lack the structure and have too much flexibility. Squeeze down on the top of the forefoot of the shoe and notice how much material hangs over the side. This stretching or added flexibility has shown in testing to promote supination, the weight moving to the outside of the trail foot. This is when the golfer gets stuck on the right side (for right-handed golfers) and not being able to shift the weight back to the lead side. The foot moving in all directions because of structure is also reducing energy exchange. SQAIRZ was designed with a structured upper material often used in sports such as football and soccer to provide structure for sudden weight shifts. The outsole and midsole were optimized for the right amount of flexibility to promote efficient energy exchange and stability. We also engineered a heel stabilizer that keeps the heel down throughout the swing and prevents ankle roll-over injuries.

Wide base

The wide base under the forefoot area provides balance, stability, and efficient braking power. Braking is done towards the end of the back swing and immediately before you strike the ball. Shifting the weight from the trail to the lead side is important; however, braking at the right time truly optimizes your ability to create swing speed. Think of snapping a towel as an example of braking and creating energy. SQAIRZ has the widest base and greatest amount of ground coverage of any golf shoe to promote better balance, stability, and braking power.


Ben Hogan had an extra cleat placed on the bottom of his trail shoe for added ground connection and swing speed. If you are playing with a spikeless golf shoe you are losing distance! You will notice there are four red cleats on the bottom of SQAIRZ. These areas are where the greatest amount of pressure is exerted on the bottom of the feet through the swing. As a result, we placed spikes directly under these pressure points for optimum ground connection in the areas that need it most.


It is very important that the foot does not move in the shoe at any point during the round. Most laces begin to loosen or come untied during the round creating a loss of energy transferred in the swing. As a result, SQAIRZ developed Sta-Put laces that won’t loosen or come untied during the round. The laces have silicone nubs printed on the top of the lace and once the shoe is tied, it will Sta-Put!

SQAIRZ is truly a breakthrough in golf footwear design and what we believe to be the first game improvement golf shoe. You will play better while wearing SQAIRZ or your money back.


Expert Biographies

Download Daisy-May Kenny’s Case Study PDF

Click the button below to download the file as a PDF.


Daisy-May Kenny

Elite Golf Instructor & Founder of Biomek Golf

“I love practicing using drills and training aids for feedback. I found that I needed to stop excessively lifting up my right heel too quickly, which caused me to extend towards the ball and flip my hands. With this shift my pelvis is now able to work more efficiently and rotate versus me extending my hips towards the ball. The timing is way more important than the shift itself. All the best players in the world shift pressure left before they have even finished their backswing… we see this using technology from BodiTrak Golf. Important to mention that this swing fault of mine was in part due to the footwear I had on before. I am now wearing SQAIRZ golf shoes and I find they have much more stability and enable me to use the ground the way I want to!”


Coach Daisy-May Kenny is an expert in the golf performance realm. Her understanding of human biomechanics gives her the edge you’re looking for in a coach. Daisy specializes in increasing speed and distance and has years of experience training tour professionals and amateur golfers of all ages. Join Daisy’s program to helping you on your way to hitting longer, straighter, and more consistent golf shots.

Daisy-May is originally from London, England. She is an avid golfer (handicap +2) which led her to the US on a full golf scholarship to The University of West Florida where she obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Science. She became TPI Certified in 2016, and soon after founded Biomek Golf where she wanted to create a golf performance platform that everyone could access, anywhere, anytime. She is now based in South Carolina at Wescott Golf Club where she is a golf coach.

Daisy-May is an extremely passionate individual who loves working with her clients. Her approach is scientific and gets to the route of a swing problem. Daisy-May Kenny is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist with a master’s degree in exercise science and a research specialization in sports biomechanics. Daisy-May’s biomechanics research included measuring the affects of various interventions on the biomechanics of the swing using 3D motion capture using Vicon Nexus and ground reaction forces using Kistler Force Plates. The interventions included TPI fitness golf specific workouts, and overspeed training using SuperSpeed Golf.

Jim McLean

Elite Golf Instructor & Director of Golf at Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami, Florida

“With a huge staff working at the Jim McLean Golf Schools we’ve obviously tried every golf shoe out there but none of them have ever facilitated the key fundamentals of the golf swing like SQAIRZ do. I’ve taught power my entire career and wrote The X Factor, SQAIRZ technology helps to create the movements that create power. I decided to partner with SQAIRZ because I’ve seen firsthand how they can make a difference by providing better balance and stability; a necessity for consistency and generating power. Providing a golf shoe focused on improving the key elements of the swing and ground force is long overdue.”


Jim McLean has taught US Open Champion and LPGA Champion Cristie Kerr, US Open Champion Gary Woodland, Curtis Strange and Greg Norman, PGA Champion Keegan Bradley, US Junior champion and ANA Champion Lexi Thompson. Cristie and Lexi both attained the #1 rank in junior golf and women’s amateur golf as teenagers.

Other major champions including Gary Player, Bernard Langer, Al Geiberger, US Open champions Liselotte Neumann, Jane Geddes, Lauri Merten, Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, Webb Simpson, and Hal Sutton plus top tour winners Brad Faxon, Adam Long, Peter Jacobsen, Len Mattiace, Vaughn Taylor, Bill Britton, Bobby Wadkins, Lennie Clements, Mark McCumber, John Mahaffey leading money winner on the Champions tour Dana Quigley, currently tour rookie Bo Hoag. Plus over 100 other PGA tour players.

Celebrity students include Will Smith, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Sylvester Stallone, Conan O’Brien, Glen Fry, Dan Quayle, Donald Trump, Alice Cooper, Alex Rodriguez, Henry Kravis, George Roberts, Dan Marino, Bob Woodward, Mario Draghi, Charles Schwab, Damian Lewis, Scotty Pippen, Penny Hardaway.

Rick Smith

Elite Golf Instructor, author, TV host & Founder of the Rick Smith Golf Performance Center

“I first heard about SQAIRZ last year when a friend of mine sent me a pair. I have developed foot issues over the years as a result of golf shoes that lacked stability and allowed my feet to move within the shoe. After hitting only a few balls, I immediately felt the balance, stability, and ground connection. I have taught my entire career that your feet facilitate the key fundamentals of the swing and power in a golf swing comes from the ground, hence the term ‘use the ground’. The science behind SQAIRZ is solid; the balance, stability and ground surface area coverage facilitates more energy exchange with the ground which is how we generate more swing speed and distance. I think everyone should give SQAIRZ a try because it really does make a difference.”


In addition to achieving great success in golf as a teacher, designer and communicator, Rick Smith is regarded as one of the PGA Tour’s best sounding boards for swing advice. In 2009, Rick was ranked as the number two golf instructor in the world by PGA Tour players and since 2000, Rick has been consistently ranked as one of the top ten golf instructors in the world. Rick’s notable clients have included major champions such as Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Lee Janzen, Vijay Singh, David Duval, Paul Azinger, John Daly and Greg Norman. Additionally, Rick has assisted PGA Tour winners Rory Sabbatini, Chris DiMarco, Rocco Mediate, Jerry Kelly, Billy Mayfair, Matt Kuchar, and Billy Andrade among others.

Smith is also a respected and noted author. He is currently a teaching editor for Golf Digest Magazine. He previously served as instruction writer for Golf Magazine. He has also written Major Series publications. Smith is author of the 1998 book “How to Find Your Perfect Golf Swing,” published by Broadway Books, which is regarded as one of the top instruction books in the industry. Over his career, Smith’s many honors include being appointed Michigan’s “Golf Ambassador” by Governor John Engler, and Golf Magazine has repeatedly honored him as one of America’s “Top 100 Teachers.”

Rick currently operates Rick Smith Golf Academies at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon, Michigan. Rick Smith’s love for hosting golf instructional shows on television began in 1994. That year, he developed “The Rick Smith Signature Series.” The “Signature Series” golf instruction show was seen by worldwide television audiences on ESPN International, TSN (Canada), and Fox Sports Net. The “Signature Series” ran for five years until Rick signed an exclusive golf content deal with the Golf Channel in 1999. At the Golf Channel, Rick became part of the “Dream Team of Instructors” which consistently offered viewers instructional tips to improve their golf game. Rick has also hosted “Inside the PGA Tour” and has been a commentator and analyst for both NBC and ESPN telecasts of golf tournaments.

Terry Hashimoto

Co-Founder of BodiTrak, industry leader in pressure mapping

“After testing SQAIRZ shoes using the BodiTrak pressure mat system we saw an increase in the range of motion in the shoulders, knees, and hips. We saw faster velocity towards the lead side. We saw greater verticals than any other shoe we’ve ever tested.”


Originally from Canada, Terry was awarded Manitoba Golfer of the Year three times and a finalist five more times over a 22 year span from 1976–1998. Terry at the age of 40 was a Finalist for Manitoba Athlete of the Year in recognition of being the only golfer to ever win the Provincial Amateur, Mid Amateur and Match Play Championship in the same year. He attended the University of Miami on a Golf Scholarship and was the winner of 7 collegiate events from 1976-1980.

He played professional golf from 1986–1988, finishing 17th on the order of Merit in 1988 despite playing less than half the events. Hashimoto opened Manitoba’s 1st Golf Store in 1981 called the Caddy Shed and in 1991 was the founder of Jazz Golf, Canada’s largest Golf Manufacturer from 1995 – 2005, taking the Golf Company public in 2000. Terry was inaugurated into the Manitoba Golf Hall of Fame in 2010.

In 2012 Terry began working with Patientech Vista in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada a leading-edge medical company developing sensor fabric for medical applications. Terry was the leader in the development of BodiTrak and a Co Founder of the product. Terry has spent a decade developing BodiTrak for Professional Golf and including Baseball, Gait Analysis, Fall Prevention and other pressure mapping uses. In addition to BodiTrak Terry is the founder of SwingBalance Inc., a leading Golf Specific Flex Bar Training Tool and has recently developed the worlds 1st Pressure Mapping Golf Shaft Fitting System based on Pressure Mapping Traces, Load Patterns and metrics captured by BodiTrak.

During the past decade with BodiTrak Terry has captured more professional players Trace Information and worked with more golf instructors, PGA Tour Coaches, Olympic Coaches to help players world wide learn to “quantify feel” than any other individual on the planet.

All during which Terry pioneered the use of Pressure Mapping on BodiTrak to develop metrics for shoe fitting systems initiating the original Foot Joy Shoe Fitting System on BodiTrak in 2016 to 2017. Terry currently lives in Prince Edward Island Canada where he remains constant in his research to use Pressure Mapping, 3D, Holographs and other interesting project to help all people of all ages improve not only their golf but their day to day lives

Nick Bradley

Elite Golf Instructor & Ground Connection Expert

“No one understands greater than me how important legwork and footwork are in developing a great swing. I even wrote a book it called, “The Seven Laws of the Golf Swing”. I love that SQAIRZ is a brand that prioritizes ground connection, particularly as they relate to balance, stability and distance. SQAIRZ isn’t just a pair of golf shoes, it’s a piece of equipment. And for the first time, golfers have the right equipment to develop a swing from the ground up.”


As a consultant, Nick Bradley defines exactly what the client would like to achieve and delivers on that request without fail. With access to some of the best biomechanical and fitness teams in the World extraordinary changes are made in client’s performance and thus lifestyle/enjoyment of the game. Golf Instruction for Nick is a consultancy which results have to be delivered to the client.

Nick is a Nike Elite member of staff, has been elected by Golf Digest as the top male teacher in North Carolina State and won The Independent Sports Book award 2004. He was the youngest director of the David Leadbetter Golf Academies in 1994 and has trained over 400 professionals in his career. Nick’s experience also includes educating numerous golfing bodies across the world, including The Russian Golf Federation in Moscow, The English Golf Union, The PGA of Great Britain and the Golf Union of Ireland.

Phil Stotter

Director of Sports Science at V1 Sports & Ground Force Expert

“The proper footwear can create an enormous advantage if designed correctly. Proper footing or footwear can instantly improve postural control (balance), neuromuscular ability (strength and range of motion), as well as decrease the focus on physical movement so that you can focus on mental preparedness. Remember everything you wear when golfing becomes a part of you and your performance. Take control and bridge the gap for your game. Where does distance come from? You – and it starts with your feet.”


Philip Stotter is a veteran Clinical EP turned inventor/business developer with over 25 years of experience in performance, corrective, and preventative sports and healthcare settings. In 2005 Philip founded Club Fit Ltd, a Functional Integration Training company that blends physical therapy and functional fitness for the 50+ population. Also that year he established and started the Stotter Clinic, a performance, prevention, and recovery service for elite professional athletes.

In 2014 he rolled out CFMS a corporate wellness company that works with global organizations designing and implementing wellness initiatives and services. In 2016 created Active Aging 360, a proactive fall prevention solution for healthcare systems and CCRC‘s. In 2017 brought to market an idea he had during the early days of his career called Moflex. A unique “ground up” fitness, rehab, and sports performance product designed to improve function starting at the feet and ankles.

These days Philip focuses on ground mechanics and how to use technology to augment the test/treat intervention process. Also as the newly appointed Director of Sports Science at V1 Sports, Philip continues his work to connect objective and quantifiable technologies to performance and injury prevention.

Sir Nick Faldo

Hall of Fame Golfer, 6 Majors & Over 40 Tour Wins

“These shoes are made for today’s golfer, who no longer need to sacrifice comfort for stability and balance – or the other way around. Over the course of an entire round, the difference is huge! I’m thrilled to help golfers discover SQAIRZ and understand what we’ve all been missing. Golf shoes are one of the only things we use for every single shot on the course and these will help your game.”


As a former World No. 1 player, six-time Major Champion, iconic Ryder Cup figure and World Golf Hall of Fame member, Sir Nick Faldo is the most successful European golfer in history.

Sir Nick established his place as one of golf’s all-time greats with his three Open Championship and three Masters victories at esteemed venues such as Muirfield, St. Andrews and Augusta National. He represented Europe a record eleven times in the Ryder Cup and is one of the most prolific points scorers in the events history. Between 1992 and 1994, Sir Nick held the record for the most successive weeks (81) at the top of golf’s World Rankings.

Awarded a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II in 2009 for his services to golf – the only British golfer in the modern era to receive such an honour – Sir Nick Faldo was also named 2012 Ambassador of Golf by the PGA Tour for fostering the ideals of the game on an international level.

John Daly

PGA Legend & Founder of the John Daly Major Ed Heart of a Lion Foundation

“It’s the best golf shoe – period. I’m guaranteeing that right now you are going to get more club head speed and more ball speed if you put these SQAIRZ on. Take it from a guy that’s maybe lost a little bit of power, I’m only 54, but I put these shoes on and I’ve really seen an increase in my swing speed and distance. Join me, wear SQAIRZ and go out and ‘Grip It and Rip It’.”


Golfer John Daly turned pro in 1987 and he earned his first pro victory soon after at the 1987 Missouri Open. He joined the PGA TOUR in 1991, and won the PGA Championship that same year. Daly garnered quite a bit of media attention from this victory, due to the fact that he was the ninth and final alternate for the event. The eight other alternates couldn’t make it. John, playing in just his third major, secured a three-stroke victory. That earned him PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year honors in 1991.

John won the British Open in 1995 in a playoff with Italian golfer Costantino Rocca at St. Andrews. Daly is the only eligible two-time major winner never selected to play in the Ryder Cup.

Daly went on to win the Buick Invitational in 2004, and earned the PGA TOUR Comeback Player of the Year distinction that year.

John currently plays on the PGA Tour Champions and is involved in many charitable efforts, including being Founder of the The John Daly Major Ed Heart of a Lion Foundation which helps to provide mental, physical, and wellness support to our nation’s children, first responders and America’s Veterans.

Sepp Straka

PGA Tour Player

“Don’t be surprised if you end up shave a few strokes off your game. Balance and stability are the keys to a great swing, and SQAIRZ provides a foundation that I’ve never had before. I’m hitting it longer and more consistent than ever before and I’m excited to showcase the importance that shoes can have in any golfer’s performance.”


Sepp Straka turned professional after finishing college and played a number of tournaments on the 2016 PGA Tour Canada. He qualified for the 2017 Tour season. His best finish in 25 events was 7th in the El Bosque Mexico Championship.

Straka became the first Austrian golfer to earn a PGA Tour card, after finishing tied for 20th on the 2018 Tour Finals money list, after finishing tied for 3rd place in the Tour Championship. Earlier in the year, Straka secured his first professional victory by winning the Tour’s KC Golf Classic by one stroke.

In his first season on the PGA Tour, Straka’s best finish was a 3rd place at the 2019 Barbasol Championship, the alternate event to the 2019 Open Championship. Straka also played in his first career major championship at the 2019 U.S. Open, after finishing tied for the lowest score at the sectional qualifying in Milton, Ontario. An opening round of 68 left Straka in a tie for 8th, and though two over-par rounds would follow, a final round of 67 left Straka in a tie for 28th place.

Justin James

2017 World Long Drive Champion

“When it comes to generating speed and distance, every detail matters. The more effectively you are able to use the ground, the faster you will swing. SQAIRZ are designed for maximum ground force. They grip the turf at the right contact points like no other shoe. To generate speed, you need stability, and SQAIRZ provide that foundation. If you’re looking for more speed, start with the right footwear.”


Justin James is a World Long Drive competitor, currently ranked No. 4 in the world. James competes in events that are sanctioned by the World Long Drive Association, which is owned by Golf Channel, part of the NBC Sports Group, and a division of Comcast. The season-long schedule features events airing live on Golf Channel, culminating in the Volvik World Long Drive Championship in September.

James resides in Jacksonville, Fla., and won the 2017 Volvik World Long Drive Championship on Sept. 6, 2017 at WinStar World Casino & Resort in Thackerville, Okla. Upon realizing his 435-yard winning drive landed in the grid to seal his victory over Canadian Mitch Grassing in the championship round, James spontaneously ran straight toward the Championship belt, and grabbed it on his way to leaping up into the stands to celebrate the win with his wife and father.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Just got these shoes. Really, really nice. Size was right. There sizing chart is second to none. Lot of research went into it. Shoes seemed to mold to my feet as I played the round. The laces are as described. I’m surprised no one else has thought of this. May have gotten a bit more distance but you still need to find the sweet spot. I’ll assess this as I play more rounds. Well worth the money.

-Michael Lewin

These are the best fitting, most comfortable golf shoes I have ever owned. I was skeptical about the distance claims but I have gained yards and accuracy. I have looked for good golf shoes for years and these shoes are great.

– Rod Adair

These shoes were comfortable from the first time I wore them. I feel like I am more stable when swinging the club. I walk a lot and my feet do not get sore at all, which is a plus when you are a large person. I would highly recommend these shoes.

– Richard Romero

The best shoes, period. I’ve been shooting 40 to 43 for 2 years now and I have all custom clubs and just couldn’t get less then 4 mistakes a side. New Sqairz arrive. 1st round 38, 2nd round 38, third round 39 and 4th 37. Unbelievable!! Fit perfect, 27 holes easy, Sir Faldo well done. Thanks.

– Dave

Did not believe TV advertisements, but I have a high arch and a wide foot, and these shoes are very comfortable, look good and I actually did hit some longer tee shots. I am currently a 2.8 index and I play 3-4 days a week. I plan to order another pair or two of these shoes as my previous shoes wear out.

– Oldfatgolfer

Have the black pair, liked the shoes, and purchased the white w red. Good looking shoes. What I enjoy the most about my Sqairz are the comfort, stability, quality and likely durability (very well made w quality and sturdy materials).

– Scott


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