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Review by Dr. Leighton Peavler

SQAIRZ Golf Footwear Review by Dr. Leighton Peavler, PT, DPT, OCS Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

“Initial out of box impression — high quality material, solid feeling, durable golf shoe. They look really good.

Initial feeling — Stability meets comfort — there is lots of room in the toe area, I have wide feet and these feel really comfortable. Added perk … the laces have rubber on them that creates a secure feeling when lacing them up. This is important for ground reaction forces and vertical force production; thus increasing club head speed.

Performance Putting: I tend to play with an open stance throughout the bag, so I wasn’t necessarily using the squared toe for putting; however I experimented with various alignment aids and could see where a technical player could really like the visual feedback of a squared stance.Performance Walking: I have been dealing with a right achilles injury for a few weeks secondary to increasing my running volume during COVID-19 lockdown. I was a little worried about walking in a new golf shoe, but didn’t feel any achilles pain during the round. I actually think the heel to toe profile in this shoe helped my achilles feel better.

Performance Driver: I’ve done previous tests comparing club/ball speed with barefoot versus spineless, versus spiked golf shoes. In other spiked golf shoes speed is around 114 (club) and 171 (ball) MPH. My ball speed over 10 drivers was a little better with SQAIRZ golf. I did see 1 number hit 120 mph with ball speed nearing 181 mph.

From a physical therapy standpoint, this shoe is a nice marriage of stability and comfort. I’ve found that firmer golf shoes were tougher to walk in and reserved for riding days. These are definitely on the firm spectrum but incredibly comfortable for walking and provide the stability needed to produce proper ground reaction forces and thus optimal ball speeds.

Final thoughts: If you are looking for a shoe that gives the best of comfort and stability, this is your shoe. I do believe that clients of mine who suffer from ankle/foot problems will benefit from the profile of this shoe (plenty of room, plenty of support, increased heel to toe drop compared to other golf shoes which could reduce stress). Overall, I can confidently recommend SQAIRZ golf shoes.”

Ray Adams

Match Play TV

Ryan Ballengee

Golf News Net

Ray Bourque

Hockey HOF/Boston Bruin/Stanley Cup Champ

“The most important new piece of equipment in my bag, and it’s made such a huge difference already, are my new SQAIRZ golf shoes. The real benefit of these shoes and I got to tell you, I’m about a two hundred and sixty yard driver. We live at sea level, not much carry, very little role, but I’m still a pretty powerful guy. This has added 20 yards to my drives and ten yards to every iron in my bag.” – Bill Flower

“I do a lot of walking on the PGA Tour and I wanted a comfortable pair of golf shoes as well as one that gives me the stability I need to play my very best—I found that in Sqairz.” – Sepp Straka

“I just wanted to let you know that I love my Sqairz. They are so comfortable that I find myself wearing them around the house after the round is over. I had my first career ace yesterday and tied my career low round with a 69. I am striking/putting the ball better than ever and my shoes are definitely a factor. Thanks for offering an exceptional product.” – Matt Doty M.D.

Review by Ryan Boegh

First Round Review with SQAIRZ…

I am now 60 years old and was formerly a 2-4 handicap player in my early to mid-50’s, but I have only been able to play 2-3 times per month for the past few years recently due to travel and work load and saw my game deteriorate and handicap move up to a 10-12 level, somewhat as expected right and I was adjusting to bogey golf and shooting in the mid 80’s to 90, father time always wins and I was not really putting much into my game… But I also had a feeling from a few swings a couple of months back that maybe my Adidas shoes, while comfortable to walk in as I love to walk our course for health reasons, and hey even with a bad score I get something out of the 3-4 hours…were also possibly allowing my foot work to be much sloppier and potentially causing me swing issues and eventually score issues.

I saw your commercial with Sir Nick, and thought maybe I was on to something… so I purchased not only 1, but 2 pair of your shoes, why not dive in right? and here are the results of my first round out:

First, I found the style, while a bit odd looking, not objectionable, but more importantly fresh out of the box I found them very comfortable to walk in. After walking my first round I had no foot pain or fatigue, and when my round was over I could have walked another 9 holes, which I normally don’t feel that way as a 60 year old these days… but most importantly I found my swing as hoped and promised was more in control and my game showed substantial improvement.

I hit the ball much more solid. On the front 9 and other than a couple of 3 putts, not the fault of the shoes by the way, I played solid and shot 39 which is rare these days… long/short, I ended up shooting 76 after not breaking 80, but maybe once or twice the past few years! But wait, that score was even better when considering I made a triple bogey on hole 14 from a very good drive with one terrible approach swing and worse putting that was for sure not the fault of the SQAIRZ.

But here is what ties it all together and the key of my first round, on the last 4 holes, after that train wreck on 14, is was able to birdie 3 of the final 4 holes with well struck drives and approaches on holes that I usually struggle on as being a walker and with the finishing holes increasing in elevation changes and difficulty on our Fazio designed course, my legs and feet start to get tired and my swing follows. With the SQAIRZ I felt very comfortable and had no foot pain and a surprising amount of energy left and was able to translate that into a very strong finish even after that usually demoralizing 14th hole performance.

Now I am not much of an infomercial consumer, but your commercial and product caught my eye and ear on the golf channel and I have to say, that first round made a believer of me and I can’t wait to get back out and see how they are on round 2 after getting broken in a bit.

Thank you!

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